Let’s talk about your next client

The Missing Piece service is about your ability to take on new clients without fear to fail or loss of client by adding a professional to your team.

You can live up to your full potential by adding that one piece you are missing from your practice and adapting to the ever changing market whether it is accounts or tax advice.

Client retention

Never lose a client to professionals you work with! You contract the client, I sign a no poach, non-compete declaration without time limit

Under one roof

Offer clients an all-around full service under your roof. They won’t contract me, however I will represent them at HMRC

Team member

I will act as your Team Member representing you at all times, using your processes and software solutions

Business growth

Increase your business income by adding new clients with confidence and by taking a cut from the added services with little extra effort

Technical support

Dare to take on clients you would ordinarily not engage! I am here to provide technical support whenever you are not quite sure

Peace of Mind

Working alone or as a head of team can be isolating! Sometimes you just need someone to encourage you and tell you, of course you can do it 🙂

Services I provide


FRS105 & FRS102

  • Micro and small company accounts
  • Standard specific entries: leases, fair value, deferred tax, intangibles etc
  • Industry specific preparation (trading, BTL, holding etc)
  • Dormant accounts


Complex Transactions

  • Preparation of full reports and advice on complex transactions
  • Admitting new shareholder, sale of business, sale of trade and assets, transfer of business, gift of assets etc.


Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP)

  • Company formation at Companies House
  • Confirmation statement filing
  • Filing changes (address, directors, shares etc)
  • Share transfer, share issue, ABC shares


Corporation Tax

  • CT600 and supplementary pages (group relief, participator pages etc)
  • R&D and RDEC claims
  • Getting the DLA in order and effect on personal tax
  • Day-to-day work related tax advice (what, when, costs, reliefs etc)



  • Monthly payroll (starters, leavers etc)
  • Year end submissions and paperwork (P60, P11D etc)
  • Pension administration
  • Optimal level of salary, dividends, benefits


Online consulting

  • On demand technical help and demonstration through email, chat, phone, Zoom
  • Live tax advice to clients through Zoom

What partners say

“Eszter is an integral part of my practice – her knowledge is deep and wide ranging and gives me the peace of mind to offer a range of services in all confidence knowing I have such an experienced professional on my team.”

Jane Gray MIAB


“Eszter is an extremely valued member of our team here at WILD Bookkeeping. Her knowledge and attention to detail is second to none! Eszter works efficiently and is totally unflappable. My clients love the excellent advice they receive too. Having Eszter as my tax department is a perfect solution”

Penelope Allard FICB PM.DIP


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You have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also do the bookkeeping?

No, MISSING PIECE is designed to aid and complement the day-to-day and advisory work of bookkeepers and to add accounting and tax compliance and advice. However I always help with bookkeeping queries as well.

Are you charging a fixed fee?

No, most of the partners use value pricing based on the client’s circumstances, therefore each work may have different price tag however there is always a minimum fee as per arrangement.

Do you have an AML supervisor?

YES, ATT is the supervisory body for Anti Money Laundering purposes.

Do you offer live help?

YES, I am happy to be put on the spot to answer questions live,  a rapid question-answer session can save you sending emails back-to-back.

Do you have bookkeeping, accounting and tax qualifications?

YES, I have the full qualifications with ICB, AAT and ATT and currently on the Tax Pathway with CIOT majoring in Owner Managed Businesses. I have been also tutoring all these subjects 🙂 Please check the About me section.

English is not your native language

YES, that is correct. I am from Hungary speaking Hungarian besides English.

Are you strict?

Professional level YES, most partners wouldn’t have it any other way especially when it comes to tax law and accountability.
Personal level NO, I love seeing everyone grow technically and in confidence and I support the partners 100%

Do you have practical experience?

YES, before I have decided to restructure my business to offer the MISSING PIECE service I enjoy the most, I had about 180 clients ranging from individuals to companies of which I kept about 40.

Are you client facing?

YES and NO, partners clearly set the boundaries of direct client communication which is respected at all times.

Can you use our Agent access at HMRC?

NO, OptiAccounts will become the authorised Agent for the tax it represents, you must include in your client contract that 3rd party is carrying out the chosen service for example Corporation Tax. This allows OptiAccounts to contact HMRC if there is a problem and resolve it.

Do you do audits?

NO, the aim is to support small practices servicing micro and small clients, however we have connections to refer you to one.

Do you give finance or pension related advice?

NO, financial services are in a separately regulated sector, so when it comes to investment, mortgages, insurance or pensions you need to seek separate advice. We may have the necessary connections to refer.

Do you have software using skills?

YES, I am well versed in using different software products. I use Dext, Dokka, QBO, Xero, Freeagent, Sage Online, Taxfiler, Moneysoft on a day-to-day basis however I am very adaptive and can apply my skills to any software.

Do you need access to our software products

YES, I do check the underlying bookkeeping records and I make changes where it is necessary automatically or after fact-checking usually I am added as practice team member.
I am also happy to use your practice management software such as Pixie, Client Engager or Senta.

Do you provide your own accounting, tax and payroll software products?

YES, I use Taxfiler to produce the Financial Statements and the tax returns. I use Moneysoft for small payrolls.