Document access with Cloud

Document access with Cloud

Record keeping is not only handy for every business but also mandatory. Should you receive an HMRC compliance check you have to prove your numbers and facts with sufficient documentation backup.

OptiAccounts is now offering to every client or as a stand-alone service an opportunity to have their documents store physically and also digitized and stored in the Cloud powered by Microsoft Office 365©.

You will find that different business types have separate requirements for record keeping and some documents have special rules (eg long life assets).


Here is how it works in the Cloud:

  • You’ll get your own access to your business’ folder where you can upload your data
  • If you chose digitizing service it will be done for you and systematically sorted in an optimized folder structure
  • You can access your documents anytime and from anywhere while you have a device that supports browsing and have internet access.
  • You can have your colleagues added as well to access your documents.
  • At any point in time you can ask to copy all your content to an external storage device you provide (depending on the size DVD/USB stick/External harddrive etc.)
  • For your safety while it is not allowed to delete anything you can always make an addition.
  • You can only use your storage for business record keeping purposes, no personal content allowed especially media files (films, music etc.)
  • OptiAccounts holds the right to delete any file that breaches copy-write and other intellectual property rights.
  • OptiAccounts will never give out any of your personal data including your access username and password without your specific authorization, and strongly suggests not to share your information with anybody.

Should you have any questions regarding record keeping or the services feel free to contact OptiAccounts >>>HERE<<<

Document access with Cloud

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