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OptiAccounts is a Walkden, Worsley (Manchester) based practice offering accountancy, payroll, self assessment tax and business development services to sole traders, partnerships and micro/small limited companies.

My name is Eszter Petrinovics I am a taxation technician with ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians), an accountant holding AAT’s (Association of Accounting Technicians) level 4 qualification, an economist holding various masters specialized in Business Development, Local and Regional Economy Development and Urbanism. Why is this important? Having practical knowledge about all aspects of running an SME business from inside the organization and being aware of the external forces that put pressure on your business is essential. One of the key factors to achieve stability and success is to be able to determine the health of your business…. and it all starts with proper and accurate bookkeeping.

Success for me is to be able to provide solutions to people’s problems but for you it might be simply profit, or reputation, to provide for your family, maybe to be the best in your profession, to invent a new product/service or to give back to the community.

My passion to help others and thriving to have services at the highest standards have resulted the honour to be shortlisted as ICB LUCA Awards Student of the Year 2015 Top 3 UK and ICB LUCA Awards New Practice of the Year 2015 Top 3 UK.  I didn’t win but it gave me the drive to achieve a lot more!

In 2016 January I have taken up on a role of a Self-Assessment Taxation Tutor as well with IDEAL Schools   to help students from all around the UK pass their exams with ICB.

In 2017 and ICB has awarded me with prestigious ICB LUCA Award Tutor of the Year 2017 for my work as a taxation tutor. For the second time in 2020 the Institute awarded me with ICB LUCA Award Tutor of the Year 2020 title.

My last goal to achieve is to become a Chartered Taxation Adviser with CIOT (Chartered Institute of Taxation)

Record keeping, deadlines, reporting, tax returns and HMRC compliance can be time consuming and in some cases daunting tasks for established and new businesses alike. Taking advantage of cost and tax saving opportunities is always based on thinking forward and measure the best time possible to implement changes.

OptiAccounts is here to help you making decisions and have a friendly chat about possibilities… so why don’t you give it a go, there is nothing to lose but a great many things to gain!

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